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Steel construction Shimano

Turn-key production hall of approx. 4,500 m2

A turn-key production hall was built for Shimano Europe Holding. As main contractor Jan Kuipers Nunspeet was responsible for the execution of the entire project which was carried out as a joint venture. Jan Kuipers Nunspeet also signed up for the complete engineering and production of the steel construction. The building meets very strict fire prevention requirements and is provided with a perfectly smooth floor. The design is by Pieter Stalenhoef.

Technical information

Technical specifications

  • Dimensions approx. 125 x 35 x 12 m (l x b x h).
  • Steel construction with a weight of 175 tonnes.
  • Construction media-blasted and powder coated.
  • Steel roof with bituminous roofing material, provided with smoke and heat outlet hatches.
  • Outer walls made out of steel inner boxes, stone wool and steel sheet piling.
  • Insulated aluminium window frames with high efficiency glass.
  • Compartmentalization through interior walls made out of cellular concrete, 3,5 hours fire resistant.
  • Extra smooth floor, DIN 1585. Floor load 25 kN/m2, point load 70 kN.
  • Pile foundation.

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