High-quality and versatile

Comfortable seating objects

Seats for Dutch railway stations

Jan Kuipers Nunspeet, commissioned by ProRail, provides comfortable seating objects for railway stations throughout the Netherlands.
The comfortable seating objects are constructed with modular segments: seats, backrests and armrests. This makes it possible to create various configurations, both single sided and double sided. The FSC® hardwood parts are treated with a hybrid coating which retains the natural appearance of the wood. The design is by Blom&Moors.

Technical information

Technical information

  • Seats, length 240 cm and 60 cm.
  • Backrests, length 240 cm.
  • Armrests width 6 cm and 20 cm.
  • Seat height at the front edge of the seat is 46 cm above ground level.
  • Seat depth is 47 cm.
  • Legs and support construction made of steel.
  • Seats and backrests are built of steel consoles with profiled wood parts.
  • Steel parts hot-dip galvanized, NEN-EN-ISO 1461 and powder coated in RAL 9007.
  • Wood treated with hybrid coating and one of six standard colours.
  • The short seats in hardwood or stainless steel.
  • Invisible anchoring.

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