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Walkway covering De Glind

Six houses have been built in the village De Glind for parents of children with a serious disability. The houses were built by the contractor company Koelewijn from Bunschoten. The houses are connected to each other with a clear covered walkway.

Technical information

Project description

The production, delivery and installation of a covered walkway with an overall length of 65 metres and a width of approx. 2 metres. The covered walkway has a U-shape on the floor plan and connects three blocks with each other. Both the roof as well as the walls are transparent. Four doors have been installed in the wall.


Hot-dip galvanised steel portals with gutters.The glazing with aluminium clamping frames is secured against the trusses and gutters.The construction is supported by a concrete floor construction installed by the contractor and additionally rests against the walls of the houses.


Clear layered glass in the roof and clear safety glass in the walls.Furthermore, the required (glass) ventilation grills have been installed in the walls.