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Guidance system for the blind

Pictoform increases the safety and independence of people with impaired vision. The system will ensure clear, highly tactile guidance along pavements, footpaths and crosswalks. While doing so, the aesthetic value of the surrounding area is maintained. The tiles are particularly wear-resistant and are optimally resistant against weather influences. Pictoform is a design by the Danish industrial designer Knud Holscher.

The system is comprised of tiles with different relief patterns and separate guide and knobbed elements for installation on a flat surface.

Technical information

Technical information tiles

  • Tiles and paving bricks with knobbed or striped relief.
  • Available in concrete or cast iron.
  • Dimensions equivalent to common paving material, 7 cm thick.
  • Installed like normal paving material.

Technical information elements

  • Individual guide and knobbed elements for a flat surface.
  • Available in bronze or stainless steel.
  • Suitable for both inside and outside use.
  • Secured with screws.

Additional information