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Bridges Zoetermeer

Jan Kuipers Nunspeet has constructed 11 bridges for its client, the municipality of Zoetermeer, in cooperation with its design partner ipv Delft and the foundation contractor Gebroeders de Koning from Papendrecht.

Technical information

The foundation contractor installed piling filled with concrete beforehand. Subsequently, Jan Kuipers delivered the complete steel superstructure for 9 bridges and installed the construction including the glass-fibre reinforced plastic decks. One of the bridges was a so-called Y-bridge, named after its shape. It has three legs and is much bigger than the other bridges and comprised of sections. The 9 bridges were fitted with durable glass-fibre reinforced plastic decks. It is expected that these decks will last 80 years. It is a much stronger and more durable material than wood and additionally it is lighter than steel. The wearing layer is set in epoxy. The bridge decks are finished in two colours. The pedestrian section is anthracite grey and the bicycle section is brown-red.

In addition to these 9 bridges, 2 concrete traffic bridges were delivered for which Jan Kuipers Nunspeet only delivered and installed the steel hand rails.

Additional information