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The ipv Bridge system was designed by ipv Delft. The attentive design, attractive price level and the short delivery times distinguish this system. The system is especially suited for the construction of bridges for pedestrians, cyclists and through traffic. Within this system there is a wide selection of different dimensions, deck constructions, railing types, hand rails and lattice designs. The maximum module size is 15 metres; longer spans are realised by means of intermediate support points. In regard to the required selections, advice is provided by the specialised designers of ipv Delft and the bridge builders of Jan Kuipers Nunspeet.

Technical information

Building modules ipv Bridge system

The ipv bridge system is constructed with three building modules:
1. The support and deck construction
2. The railing type
3. Lattice design

1. Support and deck construction

The support construction utilizes steel frame beams in a combination of steel, wooden or a plastic deck. Our attention to design allows us to create a attractive slim bridge no matter the project

2. Railing type

There is a choice of 3 types of steel railings. Straight railings provide a simple and powerful appearance. Railings that are curved inwards lead to a secured and safe look. Railings that are curved outwards provide a friendly and hospitable design.

3. Lattice design

Horizontal stainless steel tension cables create an open and airy look, highly suited for a green environment. Where the lattice requires additional body, rod material is utilised. Vertical bars provide a closed surface, resulting in the lattice having a robust appearance.

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