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Model 2200/2400/2600

Half-open shelter

The model 2200 is a half-open shelter, suitable for a single row of bicycles or scooters. An open shelter model 2400 is created by means of width wise expansion, which is suitable for a double row of bicycles. With the continued expansion to the model 2600, a shelter with a covered corridor is created.

Technical information

Extra Information

The model 2200/2400/2600 offers various ways to create a bespoke shelter. A large variety of materials and colour combinations is available. Additionally, the model 2200/2400/2600 can be extended in length and width. In this way a wide range of possibilities is available to fit in with any individual requirements.

Technical specifications

  • Dimensions 501 x 287 cm, suitable for 12 bicycles, centre to centre 37.5 cm.
  • Column distance centre to centre 480 x 183 cm.
  • Headroom 205 cm.
  • Columns made of steel cylinders 70 x 70 x 3 mm, rafters and purlins of IPE 80 and IPE 100.
  • Gutters made of cold-worked sheet steel, 3 mm thick. Rainwater drainage integrated in the steel construction.
  • Hot-dip galvanised, NEN-EN-ISO 1461.
  • Roof made of clear corrugated polyester sheets, secured with corrugated aluminium strips to prevent storm damage.
  • Walls made of vertical open fencing, constructed of hardwood.
  • Side boards made of rebate components, constructed of hardwood.
  • Hardwood parts are finished with water-based transparent varnish.
  • Foundation: Concrete base with a height of 37 cm.


  • Multiple shelters can be connected to each other either length or width wise.
  • It is possible to deviate from the standard dimensions.
  • Roof constructed with galvanised or coated corrugated steel sheets.
  • Roof of model 2200 and 2400 constructed with steel sheet piling.
  • Walls made of various types of wood with FSC® marking, safety glass, Trespa, steel or aluminium sheet piling, steel grids or perforated sheets.
  • Side boards made of galvanised or coated sheet steel or Trespa.
  • Continuous walls, without side boards.
  • Extra walls and/or doors are available to render the shelters (partially) lockable.
  • Wooden parts finished with a topcoat varnish.
  • Steel components powder coated in any desired RAL colour.

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