High-quality and versatile



Sustainable? Deal!

Everything that is created at Kuipers Nunspeet must be based on the care for man and environment. It must occur with respect to the natural sources, the world around us and its future inhabitants. For this reason, we have made a conscious decision to use high quality and sustainable materials. More information

People, planet, profit

People, planet, profit

People, Planet, Profit. Sustainable entrepreneurship focuses on this triple P principle. However, we go further the legislation stipulates. By taking the right initiatives, anticipating situations and with innovation we remain active for our planet, people and profit. More information

CO₂-aware certificate

CO₂-aware certificate, level 5


The CO₂ performance ladder is an instrument to stimulate the participating companies to act in a CO₂-aware manner. This entails having an insight in the CO₂ emissions of business activities and implementing company policy to reduce these CO₂ emissions. Jan Kuipers Nunspeet is certified at level 5, the highest attainable level. More information

ISO, FSC, ECOnomic serie

ISO, FSC, ECOnomic serie

Jan Kuipers Nunspeet strives to be a sustainable entrepreneur. We do not only follow current legislation, but we also initiate, anticipate and innovate. Sustainable entrepreneurship is about making a conscious choice for responsible materials. More information