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VGM checklist for contractors (VCA**)


Jan Kuipers Nunspeet meets the requirements that have been set in the “Veiligheids Checklist Aannemers” (safety checklist of contractors) (VCA**). This safeguards that we work in accordance with the strict safety requirements and that we continuously focus on the improvement of working conditions. All technicians are in possession of a basic safety certificate and are certified in-house emergency and first-aid responders (Dutch abbreviation “BHV”). Other measures in regard to safety policy that are of an advantage to you are for instance risk assessments and the periodic testing of machines and tools in accordance with the latest European safety standards.

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Branch-oriented explanation on rail infrastructure


In addition to the VCA** certification, Jan Kuipers Nunspeet is also BTR certified. The BTR certification specifically applies to carrying out work on or in the vicinity of railroad tracks. You can hire Jan Kuipers Nunspeet as the main contractor for projects that are carried out within the profile of open space: The largest risk area known to railway and underground railway companies.

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